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6 December 1988
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

To the two little boys I love:
Friends love irritating each other.

Live with it. I know you guys still care.
Work out your differences after the tests and examinations ok?
Take care, boys. Study hard now! =D

I love u guys!


can I be your little girl? ;
7:12 PM;

Sunday, November 25, 2007


An angmoh guy told me he used to make his Cointreau himself.
And he taught me how to:
- 2 bottles of gin
- 2 cups of sugar
- peels of 2 oranges
put them all together into a container & turn the container everyday for 2 weeks.
Then TADA!! You got your DIY Cointreau!!
He told me that it's just as nice. Someone, please try it & tell me..

An indian man wants me to marry his son! wahahahaha!!
The funniest things happen at the airport. You'll be surprised.

Oh and I saw Audrey, Kaili, Bryan, Chris and friends while at work. I guess they're still on their way to BKK now. They got so so so many packs of cigarettes to last them till Thursday! lol!
Shucks!! I wanna go BKK.
Shucks!! I wanna give in to temptation.

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can I be your little girl? ;
1:12 AM;

Saturday, November 24, 2007

sian~ Club & Resort report due 7th Dec. One day after my birthday. On the last day of school (cuz I don't have mid-semestral tests this time). Why can't I enjoy my birthday during the holidays? :(

Shit! I have the urge to do something I probably shouldn't. Why am I even thinking of it? MARY!! Your fault!!! :P

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1:59 AM;

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'm feeling so bloated!

Just came back from Sakura buffet with the DFS people!! :D Yesterday, during work, Mei Ping, Shih Jie & I were craving for SUSHI!! Just nice, 3 of us are not working tonight, so we decided to go for Sakura dinner buffet!! We were so so so excited that we were talking non-stop! Really, non-stop! And the consequence of that? Warning letter!! =S Grrrrrrrr!

I was supposed to be working tonight, but I've cancelled work for the next 2 nights cuz I don't feel like working! haha! A break from the bitching and the bitches! lol. I might just start missing them! heh.

A little lazy to upload those pictures, so I shall put up pictures of Mr Liow, since I've already resized the pics.

His wrists are as small as mine! Geesh~

Girls below 18, please close your eyes!

Shopping at Gant. He likes pronouncing 'Gant' as 'Cunt'! =.= oooh! SHY!

See the ugly tan line on his hand?

Small boy luh!~ Mr Liow's so cute!
Guess what's the last movie he watched in the cinemas? LORD OF THE RINGS!!! That's like eons ago!! We wanted to catch a movie, but the timings at Lido were shite! It was after his last paper, but he was still damn ganchiong! He just can't relax! He was speaking as fast as a bullet train! He tried slowing himself down, but soon gave up. Mr Liow is the number 1 mugger toad!!

Instead of catching a movie elsewhere, we went shopping! For his stuff! In fact, I find it more satisfying finding stuffs out for him than for myself! I like it when he likes the stuffs I chose, and that expression on his face when I pick out something pink.. it's priceless! He's so anti-pink! He kept on saying that he should stay away from business shirts, but that's all he picks up! Blue, striped business shirts. hahaha. So standard (read: boring). It's also cute how he thinks of money in terms of the number of CDs he can buy! He bought a Timberland pants that costs "6 CDs"!! haha ^o^

And Mr Liow is really very shy. All the more I like.. to disturb him! ;) PDA-ness!! woops!

After that, I went for work & he went back to NUS for a game of tennis (no life. haha oops =x ). Why can't I have my hols now? Humph~

Through Nuffnang, I found out that someone googled me and found my blog. It got me interested.. So I went to google Mr Liow! hahaha!! All I got was his running history in NTU! Boring!! So not scandalous one!! bleah~

Talking about running, he's going for the 40km marathon soon! Insane!!


can I be your little girl? ;
11:01 PM;

Wednesday, 21st November 2007
Lunch and shopped with Mr Liow after his LAST paper. 5 weeks of break for him (:
He has eye infection, but I look like the one with eye infection! Look at my red eye!! ):
He'll be going to Japan in December! With his mommy. I'm so jealous! Tuesday, 20th November 2007
fieldtrip to Tanah Merah Country Club. Report to be handed in on 7th Dec!! :'(

1B21 (06/07) Captain's Ball game. We got 4th last year. We didn't win anything this year, but that doesn't mean I love them any less! =D

1B21's still the best!

Monday, 19th November 2007
Mommy dearest ^o^
Too damn tired to blog.. more pictures soon!

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2:10 AM;

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm very sure I'm gonna have a sad birthday this year.
Sad birthday = no plans, no life, loads of reports & projects to be handed up.

At the airport today, all the girls were going gaga over an angmoh guy! Total hunk!! Plus, he looks like Leo DeCaprio up close. Like Leonardo in 'Blood Diamonds'. Hunsem!! Even the Macallen guy had to agree.
Then Shersher drove me home ^o^

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2:17 AM;

Monday, November 19, 2007

Baileys make me sleepy. I'm so sleepy now.

I love working with Casper. He makes the BEST concoction of drinks!
Baileys with banana milk, baileys with Cointreau, baileys with strawberry milk and baileys with green tea!
Banana milk - Taste just like banana milk shake.
Cointreau - Strong, and really nice. It made me look as though I had "tooo much blusher on". Donovan's face was super red too!
Strawberry milk - Not a fan of strawberry milk, but it made me super happy. I have no idea why.
Green tea - Weird mix, you might think.. But It's the BEST ever!

Now I like it even more than Baileys with Alize's Cafe Bohemian!
Lemme tell u the BESTEST news: No bitching today!! YAY-ness!!!
*Before work, I had Popeyes with Yi Gin, and we went over to the new Terminal 3 for a while too. Nothing much yet though.. I shall add pictures when my dear girl sends them over.
When daddy sent me to work last week :D Do you see the rainbow?
P/s: If you've been reading my previous posts, and you're wondering what "a-r-k off" (in Friday, November 16, 2007's post) means.. It basically means 'fuck', or at least that's how some weirdo spells it.

Many of my friends have asked me what "a-r-k" meant, so here's to clarify. LOL.

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can I be your little girl? ;
1:02 AM;

Saturday, November 17, 2007

YAY! PCC presentation down! =) Many, many more to go =(
Straight after presentation, we went to Biz Park to discuss another project- CJP proposal! Then headed for Comm Skills 2 class... missing all the action in TP.
It was CCN day yesterday! All the food and activities going on in school.. so happening! But after class when I wanna check it out, nobody else wanted!! *pout*

added: I forgot to mention.. Gerald did the sweetest thing for me! I was freaking out the yesterday morning, just an hour before my presentation cuz I had some points but I had no elaboration for them! It was then that Gerald came to my rescue... He sent his group's peer teaching notes to my email!! So I got the informantion I needed & the presentation went fairly ok.
Thanks 'rald-rald! =D

Hafizah & Mary!
YAY! I finally got us a group shot!
From left: Nicholas, me, Mei Ying, Esther, Mary & Calvin
My group members for most projects, other than CJP, where Nick is in another group, and Fizah's in the group.
I just realised... I see Ding Chang's face at the back! ^.^

Then JS & I headed to town for my favourite food!! CEDELE!!! I'm always ordering the same stuffs there! I should try something new~ It's always a soup and my favourite 3 pan fried mushroom salad! It's usually uber nice, other than yesterday, where my mushroom was a tad too salty. I forgot what JS ordered, but it was good! Some portobello mushroom and chicken thingy. JS takes lousy pictures! Most of them are blurry! =x

Cedele makes me a happy happy girl I was still sick yesterday.. look how glassy and watery my eyes were.What makes me happier is... I finally got my Ralph Lauren perfume! And my Ralph Lauren bag!! woo weee~

This is how I'm gonna be smelling for the next 33333 months or so! haha

My humongous RL bag! But I really like it! =DIt's so big that we fit both our bags in! That's cuz JS cleverly brought it to school for me, when I could have gone over to his place to get it instead! Initially it was just my bag inside, then he decided to carry it for meee!! hehe. So he put his bag in as well. Then he came over to my place to force me to write my cover letter, which is due on Monday. He is sadistic! He likes biting me! Not only that, after each bite, and smearing some saliva on my arm, he release his bite.. wipe the saliva off.. then find another spot on my arm to bite!!! GRRR!

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can I be your little girl? ;
11:33 AM;

Friday, November 16, 2007

Sher, remember I told you that it's over? We spoke too soon! It sooo isn't over! People are still bitching! Lol. And you know what's funny? I was told to 'a-r-k off' when I found something amusing, and smiled! Tell me, would you? Why does my happiness affect people so negatively? Sigh, I wonder.

They're not talking behind my back. That's not appropriate. THEY!, They are doing it in my face.. that is, if they don't already know. This is annoying. I've said it once, and I'll say it again- they really should grow up!

It's not much fun, you know, talking about people like this. Oh well, I guess it beats having attachment there.

And and and, you (whoever you are) can say 'fuck' right in my face, you know? I'm not one who'll cower in fear, or get all embarrassed when I hear that word. No biggie, really.

I was on the same bus as the indian guy (he works there btw) who sexually harassed Tricia at T2 yesterday! Fucking asshole! People like these should be removed from the airport! Pronto!!

After I alighted from the bus, the Dunhill promoter, Jing Yi, talked to me. That was the 1st conversation we had. In fact, I'm so bad with faces that I didn't even recognise her until she initiated the conversation! Talking to her was really nice. She accidentally let out and told me what the DFS people thought of me. It's sweet to know that Nelson(at least I think it's him, cuz I worked my 1st day with him) cleared my name for me! So touched~ :) And Jing Yi stays the the block opposite mine! Grace's block! haha.

Mei Peng is uber sweet too! She got a Christmas ornament with sweets inside, as they were giving them out at the airport. Mickey Mouse n all... Anyway, the mascot gave it to her during her break, and the moment I told her I want it too, she offered it to me!!

With compliments from Changi Airport (Singapore)

That makes me a happy, happy girl! =D
A trip down to Toa Payoh & Novena to view our client's clinics. I was sneezing the whole of yesterday! :( My eyes were tearing like mad.
Mei Ying left early and Calvin,our gentleman-in-training, went for driving practical instead.

Mary & me!
I was scolded for not taking a proper picture. Well, I was afraid that I'll reach the top of the escalator earlier than expected, and I'd fall in the most unglam way! so.. can't blame me right?
After the main purpose to the 2 destinations, we went shopping!! hehe. I like my project group mates! (:
Today, Mary passed me the bag I bought, and maybe tmr I'll get my Ralph Lauren perfume JS ordered for me! YAY!!! *does a little dance*

It's finally Friday! It'll be one down after PCC presentation later in the morning! YAY!! Then the fun part! It's my off day & I have a date with the 'bf'! Woohoooo! CEDELE, here I come!!!

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Say hello to my new cabbing kaki!
On Monday we cabbed to school, but we were still late for class! Tsk tsk!
AT DELIFRANCE WITH FAMILY before heading to the airport for work with Tata
Mum & me Dad & Mel Cheers!*
For picnic and to do my Travel & Leisure project
Symphony Lake Cutenesss! They were mud sliding! I love them =D Bonsai Garden Swan Lake. Speaking of swan lake... I was thinking of going for Swan Lake at the Esplanade in December. Anyone?? DAMN OLD PICTURES! =S at the Botanic Gardens Same place, same people, different looks Mum & Dad :) HAHA. Melissa was cute then. Whatever happened? =X

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