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6 December 1988
Temasek Polytechnic
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Friday, February 29, 2008

In less than 12 hours, I'll be free! Year 2 comes to an end then.
Oh how I miss my friends. We gotta hang out, you guys!
I'm thinking of having fun, I'm not studying!
Help me! I'm so gonna die. I is beri scared.... Brrr!

Be productive, be be productive!!

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can I be your little girl? ;
12:52 AM;

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tonight it's been a year
We met each other here
Here I am all alone
As thoughts of you go on

Hear me cryin' out to you
You said, "Never, never would I leave"
Here's a tear from me to you
And maybe it will make you hear me

I loved you
You didn't feel the same
Though we're apart
You're in my heart
Give me one more chance to
Make it real

In a dream you are here
You smile and hold me near
And in my heart I'll pretend
That you are here again

Finally finally finally found this song.. I heard it on radio, but didn't know what's the title. It's Make it real by The Jets. It's a cheap looking video, but the rest on the internet are like 30seconds!! Anyone who has this song, send it to me NOW!! haha, thanks.

Last paper tmr! WOOHOOO! Haven't covered much yet though. So unproductive :(
And Mr Ma's going back to Australia soon :((


can I be your little girl? ;
9:33 PM;

When I think about how much I'm loving you
No limitations, no set of regimented rules
I'm amazed how much this love has touched my life
And the commitment that we share is a welcome sacrifice

This must be, sweet fatal attraction
My life-long date with destiny
Love this strong, it just brings out the passion
I never knew was here in me

I love you just because
I love you just because
Just because I do, my darlin'
Emotions more than words can help me say
I love you, baby, just because you're you
Just because you're you

You're a diamond in my mind, a treasure found
A precious gem to me, you're nice to have around
I'm so glad I took the path that led to this
And it's amazin', loving you, I'm doin' things
I never thought I'd do

I don't know, there ain't no explanation
Of why I'm sharin' love at last this way
I won't try to work out all my reasons
I'll use these words to simply say

I love you just because
I love you just because
Just because I do, my darlin'
Emotions more than words can help me say
I love you, baby, just because you're you

Could it be that there's more to this than meets the eye
Maybe that's the reason why
All I know is when I'm in your arms it feels all right
I'll hold you tight and I come alive

I love you just because
I love you just because
Just because I do, my darlin'
Emotions more than words can help me say
I love you, baby, just because you're you

I feel weird not meeting you for a day. I feel good (better) confiding in you. I like that you know the truth about me. The dark, ugly truth. Others might shun away, but I felt you won't. I hope you don't. You give me hope. Maybe too much hope. I shouldn't be too hopeful. haha.

I love talking to you. Thank you.

Forever more,

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can I be your little girl? ;
1:05 AM;

Monday, February 25, 2008

The cake tells alot about the birthday boy. MAHJONG CAKE sia!
It reads, "Happy 21st Birthday, Lim Zong Xian"HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY, PHILBERT!!
Party @ Sunhaven and continued at Home KTV (East Coast)

That's Philbert, SMASHED!!...

...and DUNKED!!!

More pictures next time =D

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can I be your little girl? ;
2:31 PM;

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tonight I shall post all the pictures I took at Sunhaven a while ago. Haven't gone to Sunhaven to swim & lepak for a long time before the recent two times. We used to hang out there so often! I'll be going to Sunhaven again tmr for Philbert's 21st birthday party! =D
(It's as though I don't have exams next week. I still haven't studied. Am I doomed or DOOMED? )

11 February 2008, Monday
Met my girl at Tanah Merah and took a bus down to Sunhaven.

Before our swim...
... we camwhore

During our swim...
... we camwhore
That's the jacuzzi I usually don't enter. The water's wayyyy toooo hot for me! It's unbearable. It's been so hot since I 1st went there about 3 years ago. I think I've only been in there a few times when the water's not so hot. I can only put my feet in.. and sometimes, even that is intolerable! The management really should do something about it!
And since I can't enter the water, I sit on dry ground and camwhore!
and take stupid pictures

We headed over to the pool where I can finally get into the water...
... and camwhore =x
The half submerged shots
blowing bubbles

~Michelle & Yi Gin~
After our swim...
... we camwhore even more!
And a few spastic shots before we headed to 85 for dinner.

Chao Hoe was supposed to join us, but he was still back in M'sia. So...

15th February 2008, Friday
This time with Mr Ma Chao Hoe.

Chao Hoe and his cousin, Keith, were at the field behind my house playing with CH's new remote control helicopter. Keith sent the both of us to Sunhaven and we met Gin there.

Gin decided not to swim even though she was complaining about how hot the weather was.
Underwater shots! =P

Ang moh kia!

Acting as though he's pissing.
Stupid things he do. He also did a first person point of view video of himself doing a backflip into the water!

See la?! I brought the bikini for her and she didn't use it! On the table right in front of her sia!! Grr!!

Gin & me

~Michelle & Chao Hoe~

Hopefully more of Sunhaven during the hols =D

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can I be your little girl? ;
7:47 PM;

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Calvin tried to pull off another trick today! This is one too many times, and anyone wise won't fall for it anymore!!

This afternoon, after blading, as we were walking to Siglap for lunch, we looked into Singapore Pools. It was pretty empty so Calvin, Mary & I decided to try our luck there.

Tonight's $10million draw!! Everyone's going crazy with it!
$10 000 021 000, to be exact.

Just a while ago, after the $10million draw results were out, he told me we'd won!! Haha, funnyyy. Of course I didn't believe him! Only a fool would! heh heh. Talk about the boy who cried wolf!

He went a whole round... to tell me we got 3 numbers! =.= So nonsense!

Don't worry Cal, I love you still. hehe ^o^

Today's pictures:

Not an unglam shot ;)

Sitting on the road. So hot it burnt our asses
Colour contrast

Self-timer shots. My new cam whoring buddy & me!
The "OWW! My eyes!!" shot, where that Tong Teck threw sand and the wind blew it into his eyes!! I like this shot though :P

Tong Teck & Esther on wheels

The cool shot!

19 February 2008, Tuesday
Gin's house

She made me dinner. While she was cooking, I was sleeping! I fell asleep reading my CJP notes. Die la!

She tried to take a picture of me studying seriously..
... to no avail. She said, "How to make people believe that you study?" I sulked.
There! Model student!

This is the closest thing to art I've done since secondary school!
Eddee handmade these
Club & Resort presentation award: Best Teamwork!
Miss Joan said that ours was the best in the cohort sia! woo! Got so pro or notttt?!
CJP collaterals: A namecard
I showed it to Chao Hoe & he thought I was really working for this company (that we made up). General Manager siol!! I love the logo.. think it looks damn pro. Logo done by our very high tech (of late) Calvin Kuah Tong Teck!
CJP collaterals: A newsletter & voucher for NeuGlow (client-based project)
While everyone else is studying, this is what I spend my time on. Blogging. Wow. Wait till the results come out.. see if I'll still have the mood to blog or not.

Oh, and I'm sunburnt. Quite badly. Shucks man! Only 2 hours in the sun lor!


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can I be your little girl? ;
11:48 PM;