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6 December 1988
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

6th July 2008
Supper @ Carl's Junior with Alvin, Casper & Jia Sheng
15th July 2008
Events Management presentation & Karaoke session
The whole album's on my facebook. [click here]
17th July 2008 (The week we went shopping almost everyday)
'Doing work' at the staff lounge :p
18th July 2008
'Jeans Day'
I actually wore jeans!! Some of my close friends have NEVER seen me in jeans!
19th July 2008
My grandpa's back in town! Apparently China's weather is too hot for him. That's how he is... he comes back to Singapore when it's either too hot or too cold. :)

We went to Gleneagles Hospital to see a relative before going to The Imperial Restaurant @ Taka for dinner.
22nd July 2008
Mas Ayu & Gelare with the groupmates, Tatia & Siti

23rd July 2008
Doing project and chatting on MSN till late (at my place)

25th July 2008
MRND presentation - press conference
My group, Sha's group & our tutor, Mr G. Rozario
Ballet Under The Stars. Way way wayyyy better than last year! Damnnnnn nice!!!
It was all arty farty.. we went to the Peranakan & Arts Museum which was open till 2am that night =D

26th July 2008
The Arena with Calvin, Leonard & Tatia
A super last minute decision.. we met up with intentions of attending the Beatnik Picnic that was held near SMU. The moment Tatia reached, she suggested we head to Clark Quay instead.. and so we did!

This album's on Facebook too. [click here]

Done by Tatia :)

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can I be your little girl? ;
3:03 AM;

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ballet under the stars-ed

Peranakan Museum-ed

Arts Museum-ed

Kopi tiam-ed



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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Quizzes from Quiz Box

Get to know yourself better

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You are intelligent, honest and sweet. You are friendly to everybody and don't like conflict. Because you're so cheerful and fun people are naturally attracted to you and like to talk to you.

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Your Sixth Sense Score: 67%
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can I be your little girl? ;
12:36 PM;

I feel my group's really bonded these days.. other than some irritatingly SECRETIVE people. tsk tsk. They just left my crib a while ago.. and the poor Hougang girl has to cab home. Imagine her having to cab home with midnight charge all the time.. alone. *shakes head*

But chatting on MSN as a group is sooo much fun! Especially with an indecent proposal from a random someone..

9am lecture tomorrow. HOW?!

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2:38 AM;

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tuesdays are the new Fridays! It's like the weekend's here! Last week, we went for karaoke, this week, we skipped Events Management tutorial and made a very last-minute decision to head down to the airport. After the self proclaimed four-hour break, we headed back to school for a meeting, then headed to Mas Ayu for dinner. First time going out with other classmates, Siti and Tatia. =) And it being a Tuesday, naturally, we found ourselves at GELARE! Mary came over for a while, and as usual, we scared ourselves silly when walking through the dark lane.


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1:18 AM;

Monday, July 21, 2008

Mary says:
"mary njo juan juan hugs michelle koh yi qi"
Mary says:
"thanks her for choco balls"
Michmatherji~ Secret Smile says:
michelle koh yi qi blushes and kisses mary njo juan juan
Mary says:
"mary njo juan juan tells michelle koh yi qi to wait"
Mary says:
*smears chupa chups on her lips
Michmatherji~ Secret Smile says:
Michmatherji~ Secret Smile says:
Mary says:
Michmatherji~ Secret Smile says:
Michmatherji~ Secret Smile says:
YUMMY!! michelle koh yi qi tastes strawberries on mary njo juan juan's lips
Mary says:
Mary njo juan juan licks remnants of sweet strawberry flavour oh her lips
Mary says:
*agrees with michelle koh yi qi*
Mary says:
mary njo juan juan wishes her name was shorter


Mary says:
she changes it to MNJJ

Mary says:
MNJJ laughs at michelle koh yi qi
Mary says:
*points finger and laughs
Mary says:
MNJJ wants michelle koh to practice her counting
Michmatherji~ Secret Smile says:
Michelle koh yi qi's smile disappears from her face
Michmatherji~ Secret Smile says:
michelle koh yi qi sobs
Mary says:
MNJJ apologises to michelle koh yi qi
Michmatherji~ Secret Smile says:
michelle koh yi qi decides that mary njo juan juan is mean n horrible
Mary says:
MNJJ feels bad about it and wants to make it up to michelle koh yi qi by making muffins for her
Michmatherji~ Secret Smile says:
michelle koh yi qi is deciding if she should forgive the mean mary njo juan juan
Michmatherji~ Secret Smile says:
michelle koh yi qi is very tempted to forgive mary njo juan juan
Mary says:
MNJJ is utterly shocked that michelle koh yi qi has to consider forgiving her
Michmatherji~ Secret Smile says:
Michelle koh yi qi feels that she loves mary njo juan juan too much to not forgive her
Michmatherji~ Secret Smile says:
sha cant imagine not being friends with her
Mary says:
MNJJ is touched and starts tearing
Mary says:
*wipes tear drop from eyes
Michmatherji~ Secret Smile says:
Michelle koh yi qi hugs Mary njo juan juan and wipes her teary eyes
Mary says:
MNJJ wants to give michelle koh yi qi a huge warm teddy bear hug

One day before Events Management test.. still talking nonsense online.
Michelle Koh Yi Qi loves Mary Njo Juan Juan!!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The event's CAN***LED!!!Exactly the expression!!


We've lightened our load. Only a few more datelines to meet. :)
Last-minute decision to karaoke was GOOD!
Then Gelare! I haven't really enjoyed myself in a long time!

People under stress do ALOT of crazy things.

My fabulous group mates. Including Nick, but he was (& still is, at this hour) working at the nearby lan shop.Here's one with Nick, but no Mei Ying, cuz she left early for her dental appointment.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

My sis snatched my toilet!!
So while I was waiting for her to get her ass outta there, I decided to go back to my old blog.
People actually still go there! I'm really, really surprised.
A particular lecturer in TP seems to be a hot topic there.
But, ya la, he's hot la!

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10:41 PM;

Sunday, July 13, 2008

THE HAPPY CAMPERS@ B&J during the holidays =D

Two reports down! :)
Two presentations (mon & tue), one news release (wed, cuz Mr. Calvin Kuah Tong Teck wants it done by wed) & one report (fri) for the week! :(

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9:07 PM;

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Taking a break from projects... I finally decided to get the pictures using the SD card reader instead of the Canon software. Pictures from my Cameron/Genting Highlands trip to Ikea yesterday.

Cameron Highlands

Genting Highlands

Breakfast with JS

Dinner with Eddee

One of those Bedok Reservoir trips during break

Shopping with Ed!

Gong gong's birthday dinner
DKNY Green Apple
Bax & Scout
Skipped NAPFA for movie :)
HK Cafe

Playground :D
Carl's Junior with A, C & JS
Darius & Daniel's birthday celebration
Ok, gotta get back to the projectssssss!! damn.

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