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6 December 1988
Temasek Polytechnic
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

The exams are OVER!!!

So for the next three months...


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12:48 PM;

Thursday, August 28, 2008

When Daddy saw this picture, he exclaimed...
me: (matter of factly) Yah, how old do you think you are?
Daddy: 18. (paused) Actually... 25 can already la.
me: (stared at Dad in amusement and started laughing)

I love this photo of them. :)

Dad said, "I like this picture, so cute. Like us in the 60's!"
lol. So BHB!

They are the reason I still believe in love.


Taken on 270808

Last paper tomorrow! And I can finally shout out to the world

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8:18 PM;

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mummy! =D

My cute, lovely sister actually forgot my mom's birthday! She claims that she merely lost track of the days... right. And while taking pictures on timed mode, my dad had this crazy idea of taking off his pants and flashing his a**. That crazy fella. (:

Then there's the usual.. "Who said you have a cake? We didn't buy!" then blaming it on Melissa for forgetting mummy's birthday & not getting the cake. lol.

There you see that crazy fella with his hands on the waistband of his shorts...
... then he became shy and started laughing lysterically
Mummy :) smeared with cream but still enjoying her cake
Wearing Daddy's shirt :p

I feel as though the exams are over. Pat and I are already buying stuff online!

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11:38 PM;

Sunday, August 24, 2008


sigh~ I really hate MA. It's tomorrow!!

[added] KILL ME!!


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12:42 PM;

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm in a wonderful mood, despite screwing up my first exam. Dinner was

Well, it'd better be, seeing the price that was paid for it.. Dinner was at The Imperial Teo Chew Kitchen. A month or two back, I had dinner at the Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant also in Takashimaya which came up to $400+. So I thought it would be $500 max.

Halfway through gobbling up the first dish (cuz it was pretty late, and I was starved), Buddha jump over the wall, I heard the number 980. So, I thought the whole dinner costs $980, total. I was so hungry I couldn't be bothered with anything else that was going on...

Only after dinner, on the way home, I heard... ... The dinner costed a whooping $1,500!!!!! It was the first dish that costs $980! OMG-ness!! Like WHOAAAA!!! I can't believe people actually pay so much for food! Most of the dishes couldn't be more perfect.. other than the frog legs. :S

I'm still in disbelief. I need to sleep off this feeling.

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12:34 AM;

Thursday, August 21, 2008

[click to enlarge]
From Year 1 to now, Year 3 :) Look at how we've changed!


WE LOVE YOU LOADS, BABE! (: Lepak with us more ok? And don't keep saying we don't love you, cuz we really really do! We put our books aside for YOU, you know? haha.
HAVE A BLAST!! You won't get to be 21 again!


[added] I had fun at your chalet! =D [minus you sitting on my foot, smearing cream on me] KING's GAME = the 1B21 game!

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12:00 AM;

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jia Sheng and I went downstairs for supper?/breakfast? at 3am. Thinking it's 3am and I probably won't see anyone I know, I donned my Chai Chee Sec PE shirt and had my specs on (Who has seen me in specs, raise your hands!). The moment I reached the coffee shop, someone called out to me. I looked around... it was Jayan!

I hadn't seen him around since he migrated to Australia. The last time I saw him was the eve of new year's day, a few years back.. I remember it was at Cineleisure where Jem and his band played. He's now back in Singapore for NS.

So early this morning, he was at the coffee shop drinking with many other Chai Chee guys.. some I don't recognise anymore.. and they saw me at my ugliest! Arg!

One of the better looking guys y'know.. and another one who's put on weight after sec sch. *shakes head*

And while everyone's busy mugging, here I am... thinking of the movies I haven't watched! I wanna watch Hellboy!


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4:05 PM;

Monday, August 18, 2008

I just found some old pictures of my San Cheen Do days online on the Geylang East Grove website.
Brown belt ok! Don't play play!!
Taken at the People's Association. Me: 2nd row, 3rd from left. Ya, centre parting. Very ugly, I know.
Standing row: Zi Yu, Xin Yi, Yun Dan, ME, 3 shifus, Wen Qian, Audrey's younger bro, Cynthia, and I dunno the other 2. And I THINK my sis is in the 2nd row, 3rd from right.

Man, I miss those days!! The good ol' days.


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4:29 AM;

Ballet Under The Stars and Paranakan Museum pictures sooon! :)

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3:30 AM;

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm supposed to be studying. I spent the whole day watching the Olympic games! And I just did a face recognition test on www.bbc.co.uk and I think I did pretty well, considering that I'm really, really bad with faces.

Face Memory Test Results

Your Score

Recognition score
( if you saw it )

Your score: 95%
Average score: 92%

This is a measure of your ability to remember the photos you've seen, regardless of the part in which you saw them. From all 24 photos shown in Parts 1 & 2, you recognised: 23 photo(s).
Temporal memory score
( when you saw it )

Your score: 86%
Average score: 68%

This is a measure of how often you recognised a photo and matched it to the correct part, instead of just remembering which ones you'd seen. From all the photos you recognised, you matched: 20 photo(s) to the correct part.

Sleep scientists say that:

* recognition memory for faces is unaffected by sleep loss. A person who has not slept for as much as 35 hours can perform as well as someone who is not sleep deprived.
* the area of the brain that controls temporal memory can be affected by prolonged sleep loss and/or ageing. So a healthy 65 year old who sleeps normally would be able to perform this test similarly to a 20 year old who has gone without sleep for 36 hours.

I'm actually above average... but why can't I recognise people's faces? Hmmm...

And the Sex I.D. test.

SEX I.D. - Your sex i.d. profile
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6
Your overall performance
The scale below is an indication of where you fall in the male-female brain continuum. The results are based on the angles, spot the difference, 3D shapes and words tasks.

Bear in mind that your performance may be affected by many factors in addition to gender, like age and intelligence.

Your personal brain score:
Average score for MEN who've taken this survey:
Average score for WOMEN who've taken this survey:
Very average.

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7:05 PM;

Friday, August 15, 2008

Casper: What on Earth.........?!?!
Casper: Oh okay, I get it.

Michelle speaks no evil, Casper hears no evil, Jiasheng sees no evil.

Class BBQ later! WOOHOOOO!!

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