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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today, a busy busy day. Got to be my boss' PA for the Jewellery Time 2008 by Cortina Watch. We're handling the overseas media for this event so I have to liaise with a few other parties and make sure the media are at the right place, at the right time.

First was the press conference at Paragon, and I must say that the set up looks AMAZING! It's ALL made out of glass and the watches are sooooo BLING. And a watch that costs more than 3 million euro. Absolutely stunning! Michelle Cheong was the emcee, not a very good one I feel. She's couldn't pronounce the watch brands and people's names properly. Then the appearance of celebrities Michelle Reis and Leon Lai. Michelle Reis' realllyyyy pretty real life.

After that, Angela (boss) and I went back to the Jewel Pavilion (across the road) for a short rest and get dressed up for the official opening cocktail party. yada yada... handsome and gorgeous models, even more handsome guys, socialites, more celebrities... ... and the highlight of the night?

I got to know a cute violinist!
*SCREAMMMMMM* He's damn goood la can?!

I missed the Soo Kee/Wykidd show at the Jewel Pavilion tonight, but Nic says it isn't as good as other shows.. so I guess I dodn't miss much. The Autumn/Winter show last night was really good though. The dresses the models had on were all very nice, complimented by the jewels.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Here I am at work, nursing a hangover. Yes, we were during on TUESDAY night (Whatonearth). Ed & Sher came for the Lee Hwa event at the Jewel pavilion and we were drinking on empty stomachs. I wasn't on duty so I had the luxury of leaving as and when I want. After the show, we left and had dinner & MORE DRINKS! It was a fun, CRAZEEEEE night, I tell you.

Don't try cooking when you're tipsy. Don't. I hope the neighbours don't complain about eerie screams last night. We played Twister and Chinaman and drank too much (for a weekday).

Yeap, so all of that led to me jumping out of bed at 9:20am (I'm supposed to be in the office at 9:30), me forgetting my handphone (I went back for it) and missing my bus cuz I was on the phone with Nadia and the bus whizzed past me. And also... I FREAKING FORGOT TO BRING MY MAKEUP POUCH!!!!! My Autumn/Winter event is tonight and I have no makeup. Just great. I don't know what to do anymore. Somebody, anybody, HELP!! Of all days, I left it at home today!! ARRGH!!!!!

Ok, I'm depressed enough.

Yesterday, my boss said she needed my help... and... I got myself involved in another event!! haha :) It's the Jewellery Time at Paragon.. super duper nice watches!! So tomorrow, I'll be attending the press conference and opening night of JT!! Wheee~ I'm so excited!!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I can make it through the day
I can fake it okay
I just smile and pretend
And I tell myself Ill be alright
But lonely is the night

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1:22 AM;

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm totally shagged - I'm even working weekends for the Singapore Jewel Fest. Today's supposed to be my off day but me being me (nice, that is), decided to take over Nic's shift cuz he's got something on. Shagged, I am, but I'm loving every single bit of it.

We had the Preview on the 23rd. After Nic changed into his outfit for that night, he walked towards us flashing his boyish, I-know-I-look-good smile. We were all dressed up and rushing around preparing for the event. During the event, I ate, drank, mingled with the people while standing on duty in my snuggly corner of the pavilion. Slacking? No. Multitasking, I'd call it. :) I think we all looked our best that night... We just forgot to take pictures! What a pity.

We ended our opening day of the jewel fest with a Spring/Summer cocktail party. Did the same ol' rushing about, eating and drinking doubly the amount the previous night. We had a runway show featuring some of the jewellery, and the Mouawad Fantasy Bra set stole the show. That bra-thong-garter set costs more than $4mil. It made jaws drop, mine did. I drank so much I was basically floating around, trying not to screw up. I remember talking to ...... hmm, a guy as we had a drink together - the longest conversation we've ever had, but I was prolly babbling a whole lotta crap. Darnnit. Received some compliments, but the one that made me really, really happy was when Liz commented on my capabilities. I didn't see that coming at all.

This whole thing is freaking tiring, but the satisfaction after the event is really undescribable. I think that's why people are in this line - for the satisfaction after slogging their guts out. Fyi, they've been planning for this jewel fest for almost a year, a month after 2007 Jewel Fest ended.

The next private event is the opening of the Autumn/Winter collection on Wednesday. Another round of partying! woooo!!

Call to check if I'm on duty... Come by and say 'hi' :)
Group mates, I'll see you Monday!

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11:44 PM;

Thursday, October 23, 2008

We went down to Ngee Ann City to have a peek of the pavilion after work. It looks amazing, even though it wasn't completed then. Tomorrow (or rather, later today) is the Preview event and everyone's gonna go crazy. Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter events will be worse, I know. The next 11 days are gonna be long and tiring.

Just did my nails and waiting for it to dry while preparing for tomorrow. I'll be screwed if I forget to bring my makeup or shoes. I better not forget. Remember, Michelle, remember.

I better head to bed or I'll never get up..

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1:12 AM;

Monday, October 20, 2008


People have been calling to RSVP for the private events. They're supposed to 'RSVP to Belle at Lizard Storm'. Belle's a generic name so we know what the call's for - it's actually the name of my supervisor's dog. BUT PEOPLE HAVE BEEN CALLING LOOKING FOR 'LIZARD'!! If anyone calls me 'Lizard' one more time... I'll gonna SCREAAAMMM!!

I predict a busy, busy week ahead.

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8:29 AM;

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sleep deprived and wanting to complete watching the 2nd season of Psych, I've been falling asleep on the couch the past few nights, then waking up in the middle of the night and stumble into my bedroom.

I survived Thursday with 2 hours of sleep. After work on Wednesday, I met my girlies at Sushi Teh and did some catching up/gossiping. After that... ZOUK!! Haven't been there for the longest time and people around me have been tempting me so much. I can't resist temptations. I just can't! I'm weak. haha. We were all very tired and only planned to stay for a while, but we stayed till the lights came on at 4! By the time Kenneth sent the rest of them home, we were starving. Thank goodness for the 24-hour coffeeshop in our neighbourhood. Filled our tummies and chatted a little before heading home to bathe. By that time, it was 6 in the morning. I forced myself to sleep and a few hours later, I was at the office packing invitations for the Jewel Fest. Nic even commented that I didn't look like someone who only had 2 hours of sleep. But at the end of Thursday, I plonked down and slept like a log.

Now, today.. I'm SUNBURNT!! Mei Ying, Pat, Cal and I met at East Coast for breakfast before cycling in the afternoon sun. We decided that work's torturing our bodies and our bodies are dying for a massage. We went to Katong to recce the massage parlours, but had to wait for hours before our turn. We'll prolly go soooon.

Oh and my butt's all bruised up from being on the bike for so long. My steamboat dinner awaits. ciao~

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nick's work of art. HAHA.

I never thought I'd be saying this...


I really miss school. :(

Taken off Calvin's blog

It's the day I dread the most. Sunday... cuz it'll lead straight up to Monday.

Is there a way back to the good times we had?

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2:59 AM;

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I was sneezing like mad at work yesterday, and blew my nose so much that the skin around me nose is chafed. My colleague even commented, "Seriously, how many times can a person sneeze?!" It was bad.

Today, I took a day off from work. Still the same ol' sneezy, leaky nose, with the addition of headache and my whole body aches like fug. ARG.

However, I finally got a chance to talk to Chao Hoe. I was wondering why I don't see him online at night anymore.. and I just realised it's cuz he's now in Europe! Not Aussie neemore. Yes, I know, what a good friend... Bleah. Neeway, I showed him a couple of shoes I was thinking of getting. His reply?...

-chaohoe-™ says:
-chaohoe-™ says:
cannot wear any of those infront of me
Michmatherji~ Decisions, decisions says:
-chaohoe-™ says:
cause i'll leap on you
-chaohoe-™ says:
-chaohoe-™ says:

And he commented on a pair...

-chaohoe-™ says:
yea they're awesome
-chaohoe-™ says:
little edgy with the buckle things
-chaohoe-™ says:
naughty yet composed
-chaohoe-™ says:
-chaohoe-™ says:
leathery feel with the touch of red sole, you're gonna kill with that hon

Not bad an analysis, coming from a guy, I mustsay. The average guy will say, "Ya, nice." tsk tsk. Boring. I was pretty impressed. But I guess it comes from experience... heh. And he was pretty high on booze when he typed all that.

-chaohoe-™ says:
the alcohol is wearing off
-chaohoe-™ says:
and i'm looking at all the crap i typed
-chaohoe-™ says:
Michmatherji~ Decisions, decisions says:
HAHA now u know, now u know

To all at work, happy working! But if you're reading this during office hours, hmm, you're not doing your work, are you?! Get crackin'!!


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12:42 PM;

Monday, October 6, 2008

Starbucks with Mary, Tatia & Calvin (who still had normal hair then)
Tennis (picking balls) with Calvin, Mary, Meiying, Patricia & Priscilla

Lepak with Mary & JS

Breakfast & caught up with Marilyn & Ashley at Chin Mee Chin

I really should be sleeping. Long day tomorrow. sigh~

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1:49 AM;

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pictures!!! =D Pretty old ones.. taken during the 10 days of holidays before attachment started. Here's the first 2 days. I've been lazy to post pictures. heh.

Suntanning with Ed (:
Loadsa eye candies & cute puppies on a Saturday morning. (YAY!!)

Obviously the Time magazine doesn't belong to either of us. J brought it along when we went drinking the night before =.=


Bowling with Jia Sheng (:
Airport Recreational Club. An emo-nemo JS and a sunburnt me.

sigh~ that's our first game. Our scores are rock bottom low. Nobody can get any lower man!

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

I am on Trevvy! wth?!



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Thursday, October 2, 2008

I don't wanna go to work
I don't wanna go to work
I don't wanna go to work!!!!

And R is going away to a faraway land! Boohoo!!

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